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Fungi for Fun . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Magic Garden Mushrooms
For further information and price details please email us or telephone us on +44 (0)1503 264766
a fairy sitting under a toadstool at the bottom of the garden

Mushroom seat for a fairy
at the bottom of the garden

The Magic of Mushrooms

hand-carved for home and garden in durable woods

a robin perched on a carved wooden garden mushroom
Exclusive wood carving art, commission of wooden mushrooms & toadstools gifts
wooden carved mushroom house number
house numbe

These very special mushrooms are carved to order by
John Cole at Greenacres Nursery, Keynor Lane, Sidlesham, PO20 7NG
open every day for viewings.
Home 01243 641490 - Mobile 07973105360 - email: johncole

Burning the mushroom gills to add a touch of realism
very large carved wooden mushroom

large carved mushroom of yew wood

Finishing off a big mushroom. After the chainsaw the hand carving gives the mushroom a natural shape. The gills of the mushroom are carved and then burnt to give the mushroom a look of reality.

giant carved wooden garden mushroom

The mushrooms and toadstools can be carved to any size and are made from a selection of durable woods; cedar, chestnut, elm, oak, redwood and yew.very large wooden mushroom for the garden


Sculptural mushroom groups - approximately 7 feet tall - make stunning garden displays

carved magic mushroom group

Choose how many or how few of these toadstools you would like grouped together.

delicate wooden mushroom sculptural group for the garden
carved giant garden mushrooms

Magic mushroom heads - showing the varieties possible

wooden mushroom carvingmushroom carving with gills
carved wood garden toadstool
liberty cap carved wooden mushroomwooden garden mushroom carvings

tall wooden mushroom stand

yew wood carved mushroomcarved wooden mushroom
carved wood garden mushroomscarved wooden garden toadstools
carved wooden garden mushroomswooden mushroom  carved hear


Evocative and mysterious mushrooms - 1, 2 and 3
choose your favourite wood and shape

1mushroom magic carved in wood
2fun wooden garden mushroom

carved wooden garden  mushrooms from yew wood3


Fairy ring toadstools and mushrooms carved to order :

a fairy ring of wooden mushrooms

carved wooden garden mushroomswooden mushrooms carved to commission - yew wood mushroom carved garden mushrooms

wooden carved mushrooms as fairy ring with fairy table

Hand crafted and unique, inspired by the wood, each mushroom will take its own shape as work progresses. Larger mushrooms are made with oak, cedar, American redwood and chestnut and are often used as seats, tables and fairy rings. Yew is favourite for making magic mushrooms as the patterns and colours in the wood are outstanding.
John Cole, the mushroom carver, will be very happy to supply any further information you may need, please email him or telephone him on +44 (0)1243 641490 - Mobile 07973105360
Please contact John direct for in stock availability.
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