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Fungi forFun ..................fabric pochettes for mushroom greeting cards

Fabric pochettes : for greeting cards

Hand-made luxury fabric pochettes
turn the greeting cards into a special gift.

£9.50 for pochette complete with 6 greeting cards.
Let us know your choice of greeting cards.

Choose from 5 different sturdy fabrics >>

Luxury fabric pochettes for mushroom greeting cards
This fabric SOLD OUT
Tudor (lining blackberry moire taffetta)
Luxury fabric pochettes for greeting cards
choose your fabric

B - Dark olive with terracotta and ochre raised stitching
(lining apricot dupion)

C - Green and natural striped Indian cotton
(lining mid-green moire taffeta)

D - Dark gold and natural satin stripe
(lining in same)

E - Natural tasselled unbleached cotton
(lining same with mushroom silk pockets)

F - Diamond shaped embossed cotton satin with green cross dots (lined dark olive cotton satin)


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